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Sanitary/Storm Sewer/Water Division/Video Inspections

TaylorMade started its utility division in 2005 by performing small point repairs on storm and sanitary sewers for the local sewer district. As projects began to require more resources, TaylorMade began to invest in larger equipment and more labor to obtain bigger projects and expand its capacity. 


Our belief is: do it right the first time so that our customers can trust that the systems we install will not fail.


TaylorMade Construction is committed to being a reliable partner that will meet and exceed our customers' expectations. 


TaylorMade is proud to have worked on both small and large projects. We work primarily on municipal and commercial projects along with some residential. We have experience building inlets and manholes with brick structures and installing precast structures. 


Currently we install sewer pipe in sizes ranging from 2” to 35” diameter in size; plastic, concrete and metal in structure.


Let us use our state of the art video services to locate the exact problem to avoid unnecessary potholing and guess work. More on camera services

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